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I hope everyone had a fanstastic weekend – it’s getting super chilly out there! I had a busy but superb weekend. I did a photoshoot with the very talented photographer Stephen Loban, and model Krystal Reeve (represented by NEXT).

I have done a lot of photoshoots, and this was my second time working with Stephen and Krystal. I absolutely loved working with them again. Not only are they very professional and incredibly talented than a lot of other photographers & models out there, but they have an amazing character as well.

I have to say I have come across a lot of amateur fashion and beauty photography on Facebook etc. The worst part is, most of these photographers actually have too much pride and think they are the best of the best. I’m all for believing in your work and knowing your worth, but there is no reason why a photographer should have to  add strange Photoshop effects, or retouch, add, or subtract lighting/shadows in postproduction.  A good fashion or beauty portrait photographer should be able to solve such problems during the shooting process.

I understand that the makeup artist has to be good as well, so that the photographer doesn’t feel the need to edit the makeup & skin to the point that it starts to look like plastic.

Anyhow, i’m not a photographer nor do I know too much about photography, but I do have a great pair of eyes with a creative mind…and well, I can kind of tell the difference between the good & the ugly.

Below are a couple of images from my shoot with Stephen & Krystal.
Please note: They are unedited & straight from the camera


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