Why hire a Day of Coordinator?

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If there is one type of vendor I can strongly recommend brides to hire – it’s a Day of Coordinator (DOC). They will take care of little details on the wedding day so you can focus on getting married. I can’t stress enough on how important it is to have a DOC for your wedding day!

To be honest, when me and the husband were planning our wedding, we had not included a DOC in our budget. We had absolutely no plans of hiring a day of coordinator because we simply thought we didn’t need one. As the planning process continued, we realized that we wanted our families to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wedding without worrying about little things. We didn’t want our family and friends to be too tired or too busy to enjoy our wedding day (kind of seems unfair!).

Our DOC was Shannon from Isabelle Annalise and we couldn’t be more thankful of her and her assistant, Christina. I am a fairly organized person, but Shannon kept me on track and organized before the wedding. When you are planning a wedding, you are under so much pressure and stress that it becomes easy to forget or miss little things. Shannon helped me create several important documents for the wedding day to keep everything running smoothly on the day of. If it wasn’t for our day of coordinator, we would have surely forgotten some important aspects of the wedding, and would not have set deadlines or a timeline to finish tasks for ourselves.

On the day of  your wedding, the day of coordinator (or your wedding planner) will ensure everything is going according to your custom timeline and will be there till the very end to pack up on things. You have to remember that things rarely if ever go according to plan. Your DOC will be there to handle last-minute disastors and changes in the initial plan. The best part of having a day of coordinator is that you will be able to enjoy it all knowing that everything is taken care of. Remember, your family members deserve to enjoy the day as much as you do – without any worry and work!

Thankfully, our wedding day was not a blur and we were able to enjoy every moment of it because we had absolutely no stress on the day of :)
Thank you Isabelle Annalise.


Have a great thanksgiving weekend everyone!

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