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I recently booked my wedding reception venue, and since I’ve looked into a lot of venues, I thought of writing a post about it! I know I searched through numerous blogs/forums/websites for venue recommendations – so I hope this helps someone. Ofcourse, there are hundreds of venues to choose from. If you know what kind of a wedding you want (i.e, indoor reception, outdoor/garden reception, banquet hall, unique venue, etc etc) it becomes a bit easier to find a venue. Although me and my fiance both knew what kind of a venue we wanted – it was still very hard to find that perfect venue.

Below are some of the venues worth mentioning (or not):

Unique wedding venues in the GTA:

– Old Mill

 There are many weddings going on at the same time, you do not get to use the venue exclusively. They do not allow outside catering but can make Halal food, and I have heard great things about this place. It IS a gorgeous venue and perfect for an outdoor ceremony as well.

–  Toronto Botanical Gardens (right by Edwards Gardens)
It’s a good alternative to a typical banquet hall wedding. There are several room rental options – some are not as good as the others. Two of them are really nice (with a courtyard). They have a list of exclusive caterers you must use.

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre
A unique, cozy venue for an intimate wedding reception of upto 80 guests. Rental is $90per hour. It allows outside catering. It has an outside ceremony area.

Estates of Sunnybrook:
I love this venue. The grounds are a lot more attractive than the actual halls inside. Too bad they don’t do outdoor receptions. They can also create kosher/halal meals. I haven’t been to any tastings here but I have heard all sorts of good things about their food. I got a quote of around $9000 for about 140 guests. This is just for food & hall rental – after the coordinator agreed on giving me half price for venue rental.


Garydon Hall Manor:
Once again, a mansion setting. It is gorgeous ofcourse, and not cheap. But then again, all expensive things are wonderful! They do outside receptions, I think for upto 200 people.

Miller Lash House: Located VERY close to the UofT Scarborough campus. The grounds are beautiful. Indoor receptions for about 80 guests, outdoor receptions (under a tent) for bigger receptions. You must choose a caterer from their list of preferred caterers.

Bob Rumbal Manor: An absolutely wonderful venue! It’s very cozy & would be great for someone looking to have a small reception with a ‘home’ feel to it. It can hold receptions for upto 60ish people indoors. The outdoor ceremony area is very attractive. I would have definately booked this place if it could accomodate atleast 140 people.
They can also do outdoor receptions but the space isn’t very large, and the grounds are very close to a busy road (Bayview)
They allow outside catering.

Kortright Centre (allows outside catering on Sundays)
Customer service was not good at all. Although I really wanted to go and look at the venue, I never got the chance to. Mainly because of the lack of communication from the site coordinator.

AMAZING venue – in a greenhouse! Found it to be very expensive : $6500 for just venue rental (including basic chairs/tables & centrepiece)
Customer service was not good

Black Creek Pioneer Village
They hold receptions in several locations throughout the property (pavillion, patio, & indoors) The venue allows outside catering for the outdoor venues. The patio is nice & covered with a green tent, except that it’s facing the office  buildings …

The Country Club (part of ClubLink)
EXCELLENT customer service! They have a South Asian menu catered from The Host. Their hall opens up to a terrace, which is overlooking the golf course. For venue rental you are looking at approx $1500 (depending on the day & time of your wedding). South Asian menu selections are min $40pp. 

King Valley (also part of ClubLink): Once again, excellent customer service. Stunning venue. This one is pricier than The Country Club.

Rosehill Venue Lounge:
They allow outside catering. It can fit 100 guests with a dance floor, or 140 guests without a dance floor. Venue rental includes all the furniture – leather couches, chiavari chairs,  tables, etc. It’s an impressive looking venue with great customer service!

The Vue (owned by Peter & Pauls):
Allows outside catering. This is a fairly new venue (opened in May 2010). Again, venue rental includes all the couches, furniture, etc. It has a very ‘loungy’ feel. The venue doesn’t need much decor because it already looks great! Floor-to-ceiling glass window is overlooking a golf course.

I have also heard great things about Parkwood Estates, Cullen Gardens (both in Oshawa) and Liuna Gardens in Hamilton. I looked into all three & especially liked the idea of marquee tent receptions at Parkwood Estates & Liuna Gardens.

Other venues that allow outside catering:

Heintzman House
Argonauts Rowing Club
Nestleton Waterns Inn (on certain occassions, would have to speak to the manager about it)
Westin Prince Hotel (Only on Sundays though)
Waterstone Estate & Farms
An absolutely stunning venue with an absolutely horrible customer service.

For a rustic wedding check out Bella Banquets in King City.

You will notice that a lot of venues located in central Toronto are not listed here. That is because me & the fiance never really looked into them – we wanted something away from the city core.
Popular venues in Toronto include : Sunnyside Pavillion, Liberty Grand, Eglinton Grand, Palais Royale, Atlantis Pavillion, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, The Great Hall (Hart House)

I hope this is of some help, feel free to contact me for more information regarding any of these venues. Goodluck picking your venue, but please remember — it is VERY important to not only love your reception venue, but also love the onsite coordinator– good customer service is extremely important!

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  1. Akash September 30, 2010

    Do Sunnyside Pavillion, Liberty Grand and Garydon Hall Manor allow outside catering ?

    Thank you

  2. noor artistry September 30, 2010

    Sunnyside allows outside catering – but chairs/tables have to be rented out for the ceremony/reception
    Graydon Hall doesn’t allow outside catering. I am not 100% sure about Liberty Grand – I’m not sure if they allow outside catering. I do know they have a few rooms & each room has its minimum fee. Minimum wedding cost here can easily be 30k

  3. Summerbr October 01, 2010

    The price you got quoted at Estate of Sunnybrook was so cheap! I didn’t know they were so reasonable. Was that for the hall upstairs (the larger one) or downstairs? I ended up going with Glen Abbey Golf Course and they charge $ 1700 venue rental (part of Clublink also). They waived the $ 500 set up fees for ushat they usually charge and threw in a chocolate fountain for us for free that we wanted.

  4. noor artistry October 04, 2010

    Glen Abbey is beautiful! we didn’t go to check it out – but we looked at 3 other ClubLink-owned venues. I would say ClubLink gave us the best customer service & I found them very reasonable. They were just not able to provide us with good food options. Goodluck with all your planning!

  5. taha ghaznavi October 06, 2010

    nice article noor. having gone through the process recently, we have a whole excel sheet worth of data we pass around to friends now :-)

    p.s. above – Liberty Grand does NOT permit outside catering – but their in house food is AMAZING – we had our reception there last week :-)

  6. F March 08, 2012

    I did a price quote for Sunnybrook as well. It is no where near $9000. Your pice is very very good.

    Has anyone researched aobut Miller Lash’s price?

  7. nd September 02, 2014

    I’m in the venue hunting process now and was wondering what venues did you decide on for your own wedding? We found that a lot of the Indian banquet halls are not well maintained and have bad service. Thanks!

  8. noor November 03, 2014

    So I know I am late in replying…but I hope it helps someone! We ended up going with The Vue

  9. Ramon Larkins February 02, 2017

    Very nice article informative content thanks we liked it.

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