Thank God for Sisters

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving long weekend. What beautiful weather we had!
Carrying on the ‘being thankful’ theme from the long weekend, I thought I would write a (long overdue) post about my wonderful sisters!

I have everything to be thankful for – my family, my job(s), my friends, the very air I breathe…and much much more. Life is busy, hectic, and we often forget to reasses what is around us and be thankful for people who make time to be part of our life. My sisters have always looked out for me, and made time for me no matter how ‘busy’ their personal lives have been.

During my wedding planning/prep time, my sisters threw me 3 different bridal showers / pre-parties! They took care of the invites, venue, food, entertainment, decor, and everything else. They’re uber creative!!
Below are some pictures from the events they planned and organized for me – Enjoy!

All the baked goodies above are baked & decorated by my sister! They tasted as good as they looked :)

Thanks for everything! I wouldn’t trade you guys in for anything!
…except for maybe some great fresh waffles at Marche. Those are yum.


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